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The CIA as Organized Crime and The Phoenix Program
"As no other writer, Doug Valentine has been to the heart of darkness in American foreign policy and come back with stories of historic moment. His brilliant, courageous work is revelation, prophecy, wisdom. It will stand as a singular mark of our saving capacity to learn." 
Roger Morris

Notes from Interview with Dan Ellsberg (1.16 MB)

See my article at Counterpunch: https://www.counterpunch.org/2003/03/08/will-the-real-daniel-ellsberg-please-stand-up/

My Privacy Act lawsuit against the CIA (654 KB)

Here are 20 documents the judge made the CIA give to me, back in 1993.

Modus Operandi of Selected VCI (2.72 MB)

by Robert Slater

The Douglas Valentine Vietnam Collection at the National Security Archive in Washington, DC, has been open and used by researchers since early 2007. The Collection contains the research material, including original handwritten interview notes and government documents obtained through FOIA requests, for my book The Phoenix Program. The Collection can only be used in the National Security Archive's Reading Room; it is not available for interlibrary loan and an appointment must be made to use it. The "resguide" link below will help anyone who wants to read the material.

Reviews of The Phoenix Program