Alice and me at the Sag Club

need I say, I'm a Sagittarian


The scene is always the same -
Iím intruding in someone elseís dream
Someone much older,
With white hair, pointing
A stick at a bird in a tree.

The moon, of course, is waxing.

Icicles sweet with syrup
Drip from maple branches.

Beyond the split rail fence
Someone slips into the forest.

Itís always over too soon
Before I think it through
Before I remember how
To glide like the redwing
Without ceremony
Across the thawing fields.


Third Eye

Her first eye is a diamond
Star bright
Guiding me through brush
And tangled vines
To her mouth.

Her second eye is a ruby
Drawing me inside
Sparks light my way
Flames lick at
Her teeth.

Her third eye is sapphire
Shadowed water
Spring fed from
Her cold


Fear of the Future

To those eating acorns
And huddled around the fire,
The man at the mouth of the cave
Seems tangled in the stars:

In his left hand he shakes a leafy branch
And with his right, he throws stones at the moon.

Through want and hard hunger
They gnaw at bones, suck marrow,
Lick dew off grass, eat roots,
And turn their eyes from the sun.


Blackness and Ruby

It was easy to get lost
among sedge and alder
where the green heron hides,
worshiping sun and corn
and a woman with wings.

Out of the riverbank marsh,
what do I recall of her now?

Her blackness and ruby.

How glad I was to wrench myself
from the sycamoreís trunk
and fling myself into the fire
that burns in her crypt,

How simple it was to follow,
speaking in tongues,

Strength of the Pack

The Strength of Pack
"Doug Valentine belongs to that precious remnant of journalists and historians with the wisdom to see our time, the integrity and courage to write about it, and the literary grace to bring it all chillingly alive. This indispensable book may quite well be the best yet in the author's already singular body of work. He takes us again into that dark inner reality of policy and politics that Americans so tragically deny and evade, and gives us back a reflection there is no denying, no escaping. If there is hope for America at this moment of so many reckonings, it is out of pages like these."

Roger Morris, author of Richard Milhous Nixon: The Rise of an American Politician, 1991

Hank Albarelli's book review of Wolf and Pack at Amazon:

The hidden and secret history of this nation's so-called War on Drugs and its warriors has been waiting quite some time to be told; we are now very fortunate to have historian Douglas Valentine's two-volume set of books that provide a well-documented and robust narrative of the various government agencies that evolved into the current DEA. Valentine's first book, The Strength of the Wolf, provides us with a stunningly documented and detailed volume about the old Federal Bureau of Narcotics (FBN). The book is replete with a slew of startling facts about the FBN's connections to the CIA and the FBN's intelligence related overseas operations.Indeed, Valentine's first book was quite helpful to a section of my book just out on Dr. Frank Olson's murder, A TERRIBLE MISTAKE: The Murder of Frank Olson and the CIA's Secret Cold War Experiments.Valentine did a superb job in his first book revealing the CIA's ties to the FBN. At points, both agencies seem to merge into one and to perform as one. That the two agencies performed as one and so closely shared objectives says a lot about the overalll objectives of intelligence gathering. Valentine's excellent newer book, Strength of the Pack, moves readers into current years and delivers a cornucopia of startling and long-secret data and information that throws considerable light on the mockery of the efforts of the U.S. to rid itself of the curse of drugs. After reading Valentine's latest excellent book one does not have to contemplate very long to understand why illicit drugs will continue to flood our nation and little will be done about it. Anyone concerned about this problem, and wanting to learn about how the so-called 'War on Drugs' really operates, should read both of Valentine's very important titles.


Non-Fiction History
"...highlighting the names and black deeds of an outlandish cast of wayward narcs, killer-spooks and globe-trotting godfathers (Wolf) is an expose of the never-ending lap-dance between organized crime and the national security establishment,"
Non-Fiction History - It's Out
This exposť documents previously unknown aspects of federal drug law enforcement from the formation of the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs and the creation of the Drug Enforcement Administration until the present day. Learn how the CIA hijacked federal drug enforcement and turned it into an adjunct of national security.
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