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The Strength of the Wolf and The Strength of the Pack will soon be re-published by Independent Publisher's Group under the Authors Guild back-in-print imprint.

Stockbridge, MA 20 October 2018
""Doug Valentine belongs to that precious remnant of journalists and historians with the wisdom to see our time, the integrity and courage to write about it, and the literary grace to bring it all chillingly alive. This indispensable book may quite well be the best yet in the author's already singular body of work. He takes us again into that dark inner reality of policy and politics that Americans so tragically deny and evade, and gives us back a reflection there is no denying, no escaping. If there is hope for America at this moment of so many reckonings, it is out of pages like these."

Roger Morris, author of Richard Milhous Nixon: The Rise of an American Politician, 1991

Published Works

A Crow's Dream - my first book of poems

The Hotel Tacloban, a highly praised account of my father's experiences in a Japanese prisoner of war camp in World War II.

The Phoenix Program, described by Professor Alfred W. McCoy as "the definitive account" of the CIA's most secret and deadly covert operation of the Vietnam War.

TDY, a fact-based novel about an Air Force photojournalist who participated in a secret military mission that documented CIA drug smuggling in Laos in 1967.

The Strength of the Wolf: The Secret History of America's War on Drugs, recipient of the Choice Academic Excellence Award .

The Strength of the Pack: The Politics, Personalities and Espionage Intrigues That Shaped the DEA, described by Peter Dale Scott as "an indispensible resource for those who wish to understand the politics of drug enforcement in America; and for those with any sense of the subject’s real importance it is a gripping read as well."

With Our Eyes Wide Open: Poems of the New American Century is an anthology I created and edited in 2013, featuring international poets united by a common interest in promoting peace and justice.

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"Doug Valentine has assembled an impressive collection of poets who have courageously born witness to the consequences of an insidious corporate plutocracy: endless warfare subsidized by munitions profiteers, enslaved women and children toiling in quarantined sweatshops, ubiquitous famine in even the wealthiest of nations, imprisoned dissidents executed in broad daylight, and the wholesale destruction of the planet that nurtures us. Against the backdrop of our own time--an age George Orwell once characterized as a "cesspool full of barbed wire"--the poets in this anthology raise their voices in a collective act of rebellion. In so doing, they inspire us toward our own renewed efforts to secure peace and justice in a world more and more bereft of such virtues." Robert Bernard Hass, Edinboro University

The Douglas Valentine Vietnam Collection at the National Security Archive in Washington, DC, has been open and used by researchers since early 2007. The Collection contains the research material, including audio files of interviews with senior CIA and military officers in the Phoenix program, original handwritten interview notes, and government documents obtained from CIA and military officers as well as through FOIA requests, for my book The Phoenix Program. The Collection can only be used in the National Security Archive's Reading Room; it is not available for interlibrary loan and an appointment must be made to use it. The "resguide" link below will help anyone who wants to read the material.

Selfie, Quebec City, July 2018
"Doug Valentine belongs to that precious remnant of journalists and historians with the wisdom to see our time, the integrity and courage to write about it, and the literary grace to bring it all chillingly alive." Roger Morris, author of bestselling biographies of Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger, and the Clintons


Non-Fiction History
"...highlighting the names and black deeds of an outlandish cast of wayward narcs, killer-spooks and globe-trotting godfathers (Wolf) is an expose of the never-ending lap-dance between organized crime and the national security establishment,"