March 1, 2016

Tags: With James Corbett

Is Scahill’s documentary worthy of the endless praise that is being heaped on it? Sadly, according to researchers like Douglas Valentine in his scathing review of the film, “Dirty Wars and Self-indulgence” the answer is a resounding ‘no.’


Non-Fiction History
"...highlighting the names and black deeds of an outlandish cast of wayward narcs, killer-spooks and globe-trotting godfathers (Wolf) is an expose of the never-ending lap-dance between organized crime and the national security establishment,"
Non-Fiction History - It's Out
This exposé documents previously unknown aspects of federal drug law enforcement from the formation of the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs and the creation of the Drug Enforcement Administration until the present day. Learn how the CIA hijacked federal drug enforcement and turned it into an adjunct of national security.
Action Adventure
"A fantastic read." -- Mike Levine, author of The New York Times bestseller, Deep Cover.